Prompt about how to make sunday 🍨😋

First I would get a bowl, then I would get your ice cream for this it will be vanilla and 3 scoops. Then I would get your syrup for this it will be strawberry, then I would  get your toppings for this it will be a banana a cherry and 2 Oreos. Last I would  you would take the cherry and put it on top then put the Oreas and each end then the banana on the bottom.

Readers reflection Among the Hidden

I did a readers reflection on among the hidden and in this scene Luke was trying to in press his mom by cleaning and making bread. But then a car pull up and he know that it would be to early for his parents to get home but it was his dad. And his dad doesn’t like him going down stairs because he is the third child in the family but in this book you are only supposed to have two children. But when his mom gets home she is proud of him for doing everything for her.

100 word challenge

Becky woke up and got down to go to work then when the door slammed Jerimia woke up and so did tartar sauce his dog. So they both had a fun time that day because it was Saturday so the walked at the park and practices tricks. But when he go home there was a weird package at the front door so he went in and then he looked at it but didn’t know what to do he wondered what to do with it and when it came. But he just waited for Becky then she came back home he she said what is that for? To be continued…

Middle school transition

I feel good about going to my middle school because they have a tech club and I really like tech and they have a lot of food choices. I am excited for all the food choices and what they have and all the new things. I am not look forward to all the drama and all the people yelling at lunch. I only have one question and that is if there is going to be an upstairs and a downstairs.

Readers reflection book called AMONG THE HIDDEN

I started to read this book called among the hidden and so I decided to do a reader’s reflection on it and the readers reflection is and drawn scene. And the scene is is the family is having breakfast but in the book a family can only have four people I just could put four and the table but the fifth one is on the stairs because he was not supposed to be born and they don’t want the population police to find him so they put he on the stairs. But Luke the kid on the stairs doesn’t like the spot and he is trying to find a way out of the spot. But his family just catches him and he has to go to his room which is the attic in the house.

100 word challenge

One day Jarimia woke up and got a some cereal then Becky went to school and told Jarimia not to be late for school and then Becky went to take her yellow car to the car was to get it shiny. Then after the car wash she went passed the tiny pet shop and said to herself mabye I will give Jarimia a dog or something after school so after school she got Jarimia a dog and it was a big dog that she was late to the house and it was hopeless Jarimia is going to be outside by him self so she rashes to the tiny home but he wasn’t there so she wanted anb he finally came home to here a dog barking and he open the door and found a dog in the house and then Becky said “SURPRISE” and he was so happy and then he said “ I will name you tarter sauce.

Making my own Amendment

A amendment that I would make is if you do something bad then you will have to go to jail or if you where in school the you would go to the front office and your parents would get you. A other one is treat people the way you want to be treated. Those are my amendments

Three branches of the government

Today my post is about the three branches of U.S government first I will talk about the Legislative branch the legislative branch makes laws  with the Supreme Court and the work in the Washington D.C capital. The second branch is the executive branch the executive branch care out feterel laws and the work with both other branches to make law and the work in the White House in Washington D.C. The last branch is the Jubicial branch the Jubicial branch is in charge of interpreting the laws and approving them and they work with the executive branch and they work in the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

Amendment number 2 meaning of it

The meaning of the second amendment is that you can own a gun. But in some states you need a lisins to own a gun but you can walk out in the open with it like in picture one. But in other states you have to do classes and get a lisins but you can’t walk around with it like in picture two.

Google AR

Today we got to see the google person and we got to see natural disasters. Some of the things we got is a volcano, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, and a earthquake and you got to go into them and you got to explore them and go inside and under them. We were able to look around them and go inside and above them and you could touch it but you couldn’t feel it and you couldn’t see it with your eye you had to have a special app and device. I learned that tsunamis are started by the rock in the sea slide on each other and start the wave.